Luke, alongside his wife Hazel, is 'Explorer-in-Residence' at the Royal Scottish Geographical Society .

In early 2016, Luke 'Snow-walker' became the youngest Brit, the first Scot and the second youngest in history and one of less than 20 people in history to ski solo unsupported, unassisted to the South Pole, in Antarctica. 

After spending 39 days and 8 hours completely alone on this 730 mile (1175km) journey across the highest, driest, coldest and windiest continent on earth well, he also became the first to do so having undergone lifesaving brain surgery to remove a large mass from his brain in 2014, and with an artificial pacemaker, fitted in 2008. 

More recently, Luke and Hazel returned from a world-first expedition through one of the world's last great frontiers; Alaska. Over 75 days, they kayaked and biked over 1600 miles from the Southernmost point of the state, paddling through the Pacific and Arctic Oceans and cycling the distance in-between - taking on the infamous 'Dalton 'Highway to Hell' in the process. On this epic journey they passed through temperate rainforest, high mountain passes, flat tundra and huge glaciers, and got up close to bears, muskox, caribou and wolves. They also witnessed firsthand the rapidly changing landscape and environment of Alaska. Find out more about this epic journey here: www.duenorthalaska.com.

Luke has also completed successful expeditions to Norway and Greenland in both solo and group environments and has competed in a host of long distance endurance events.

These include completing, alongside his wife Hazel, in 'the world's toughest footrace' the 'Marathon des Sables' - a 156 mile (250km) race through the Sahara desert, where temperatures exceeded 50°C. Less than a week later, and in tribute to the race, they both completed the London Marathon - in camel costumes.

Again together, the couple completed a 250 mile (400km) run across some of the most awe-inspiring and challenging terrain in the world closer to home, when they successfully completed the Cape Wrath Ultra Marathon Expedition race. Luke wrote an article for the BBC on his experience of this event. Click here to find out more.

Luke is an ambassador for the Polar Academy, Marie Curie and the Greener Scotland Campaign and is deeply passionate about conservation and the environment.  

Pushing himself to the limits of human endurance, Luke, through health issues, adventures and expeditions, continues to demonstrate the ability of the human character to recover and seek opportunities during the most testing of times.

He aims to encourage, inspire and motivate others to tackle challenges head on, and achieve their own goals in life.