The Royal Bank of Scotland

"Luke's presentation was as humbling as it was inspiring. My colleagues were captivated and we took a lot of great learnings from the session."

Credit Suisse

"Luke Robertson is a truly inspirational individual. What he has accomplished at such a young age and in the face of such adversity is quite remarkable. What is equally as remarkable is the story he tells of his journey and the demons he had to conquer along the way.  

Luke speaks from the heart and his recollection of events leading up to and during his epic adventure to the South Pole are loaded with emotional anecdotes that inspire as much as they entertain. His delivery is informative yet extremely witty in parts and had his audience listening intently to every word and enjoying every picture. He is a pleasure to watch and listen to and provides a truly inspirational example of what can be achieved by a human being driven to make a difference in this world…"

Franklin Templeton

"Incredible achievements delivered in the most personable, accessible, and humble of manners. Accompanied with fantastic photos and vivid explanations, Luke’s is a truly unique story, not simply because of the sheer mental and physical fortitude required, but because of the circumstances which inspire him."

The Leith Agency

"If you're looking for a bold, inspirational and likeable speaker then I can't recommend Luke enough. He joined us at a client event last year and delivered a story of ambition and tenacity, with the perfect amount of modesty and good humour. A really natural and motivating individual."

Festival Director – Aviemore Adventure Film Festival

"Luke’s presentation was captivating: action-packed, with engaging delivery and content, he knew his audience and connected with them so well. With the perfect level of detail to capture the mood, he conveyed real passion, which in turn helped to take you on his journey, making you feel that you were right there alongside him.

Luke is a natural story teller…articulate, enthusiastic, relaxed, down-to-earth and friendly, and despite his relatively young age he came across like a seasoned pro, highly professional. Luke captured the very essence and endeavour of adventure…we were all incredibly inspired by his story of how he has overcome the most insurmountable odds to achieve goals.

His talk was truly inspiring and a delight to listen to…through making it relevant to all, and the self-doubts and challenges we all face in life, everyone came out feeling energized, motivated and wanting more!"

Principal of Lomond School

"It was fantastic to have Luke as our Prize Giving Speaker. He enthralled his entire audience of parents, staff and especially pupils with his message of overcoming adversity and setting high aspirations in life. It is no exaggeration to say that he was one of the best speakers we have ever had at a school function, a view endorsed by the many enthusiastic comments from parents and pupils after the event."

Festival Director – Aviemore Adventure Film Festival

"Just fantastic. A natural story-teller and very engaging...a masterclass! You told the important stories, had a message, engaged the audience from start to finish, created laughs but also tension and emotion ...just great to watch, a real pleasure. As festival organiser, when you got a spontaneous and heart-felt applause from the audience....that was it - you had them!"

Andy Hall - Photographer, Teacher, Writer and Director of The Grassic Gibbon Centre

 "I have had the pleasure of hearing Luke talk about his amazing adventures on two occasions. In both, he was articulate, relaxed and very engaging. A natural, in fact. He would be comfortable in any forum, whether in an informal environment or in the context of a corporate event. There is something in his presentations for everyone. His story is one of extreme courage and profound inspiration."